Get More from Baccarat Dragon Bonus

There are many different types of baccarat game to play. Indeed, rather than coming with restrictions, live dealer baccarat games - the versions one plays on line with a live dealer and thus all the feel of a real casino - have more to offer. There are more baccarat variations, different bets available and a whole new baccarat industry has been created due to advances in online gaming. Of course the advantages today of online baccarat are that one can choose to play Baccarat in casinos with live dealers - it is literally like having a real casino on your computer.

How to Play Baccarat Dragon Bonus

Baccarat Dragon Bonus is the name given to a side bet in the game. It is indeed possibly the most popular side bet amongst live casino players. To place this bet, baccarat players have to do so before any cards have been revealed by the dealer. Following the time the wagers have been set, the cards are dealt (by the live casino dealer). However, players do not have to make their first bet on the baccarat hand. When the Dragon Bonus bet is placed, there has to be at least one baccarat bet on the table ahead of time. There are only 3 Dragon Bonus bets that can be made for each box. To access these, priorities are given to the players who have put a bet on the live dealer Baccarat hand for that round.

Winning Baccarat Dragon Bonus

To make the Baccarat Dragon Bonus bet, natural winners have to pay even money. If there is a tie, the Dragon Bonus wager pushes. (Natural is when the player or banker gets 8 or 9 points in total in the first deal). The non-natural winners that make a winning of at least 4 points; this also pays even money. The bigger the victory margin, the bigger the payout. Check out the pay tables and house edge before you begin play. There are 7 types of wins that can be gained by the banker or player in Baccarat Dragon Bonus. These are: a natural, 4 points, 5 points, 6 points, 7 points, 8 points or 9 points. Odds for a natural and 4 points are 1 to 1; 5 points 2 to 1; 6 points 4 to 1; 7 points 6 to 1; 8 points 10 to 1 and 9 points 30 to 1.

Tie in Baccarat Dragon Bonus

Should there be a tie between the banker and a player (both getting a natural with the same point total - 8 or 9), both their wagers will be declared "stand off," rendering neither of them winners or losers. In a tie situation (but not in a natural tie situation) between the banker and player, both the bets placed will lose.