MegaSport Online Casino

First of all, one should note that the online casino known as MegaSport should not be mistaken for the Ukranian sports channel which goes by the same name. This article refers to the MegaSport Online Casino which can be found at:

The MegaSport Casino is a newly established online casino (established 2005). As a new casino it has taken advantage of all the most advanced technologies that are being developed. The games are all of the finest PlayTech construction and include a wide variety of classic casino games, card games and slots games. In addition to the nice game collection, MegaSport has an excellent system for live dealer games. The card games can be played with an accompanying chat if the player so chooses (he can thus chat with other players if he chooses not to play alone).

Security and Safety at MegaSport Casino

MegaSport does not bear any official seals of approval as of yet but claims to offer 24 hour support as well as the finest encryption methods on the web. Whereas most online casinos are currently using the commercial grade SSL connection, MegaSport is using an industrial strength encryption which involves a 1024 bit RSA key exchange and 448 bit Blowfish. This is encryption technology on the level of what is used by the finest secure banking services. MegaSport Online Casino also claims that monetary transactions and payouts are constantly being audited although it was not stated precisely by whom.

Live Dealer Action

Although there are plenty of good PlayTech games that are non-live and fun to play, the 'big thing' at MegaSport is the live dealer games. These allow the player to enjoy the casino experience just as if he were actually there. The dealers are all comely young ladies with engaging personalities. You can view minor biographical details of the various dealers at the site. Another attraction that is supposed to be added at some point is the option of sports betting and hence the name of the casino